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From the majesty of the Himalayas comes not only great beauty, but the potential for great daily health. Now you can benefit from the natural cleansing power of Himalayan salt. Moondance Himalayan Salt products are made of 100% natural Himalayan Salt, mined in the Himalayas and carefully crafted for beauty and efficiency and shipped to your door.


Himalayan Salt possesses natural cleansing power, and with our lamps you will truly notice a major difference in the air quality of your home. Our lamps work to purify and cleanse the air, helping you breathe better and enjoy your home more without the need for expensive filters and chemical air fresheners.


Please check out the About page for more information on the benefits of Himalayan Salt, our Products page for more information on what we carry, or Contact us to ask any questions you may have regarding what Himalayan Salt can do for you.



Some Himalayan Salt products you will find on the Internet from other vendor sites are of low quality! The salt used in their products comes from a mine much closer to the surface of the earth. Also, many lamps from cheaper vendors have bulbs in them that are insufficient for proper operation. Don’t let someone cut corners with your product!


You can buy with confidence from us as all of our products have been tested and meet our high standards for quality, ease of use, effectiveness, and appearance. Moondance is your trusted source for Himalayan Salt products.

Himalayan Salt in the Media:



DR. OZ Tries Himalayan Salt


Dr. Oz recently showcased Himalayan Salt in a recent segment on the Dr. Oz Show.


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Cooking with Himalayan Salt

Ren Mercer Shows you how cooking with Himalayan Salt can add a special touch to your dishes. Click on the image to View


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